Finding undiagnosed patients, the new frontier in market expansion

A biotech company faced slowing growth after a successful launch


HVH engaged with biotech company that has a commercialized product in the ultra-orphan disease space.

  • At launch there was 1 other competitive product so the commercial strategy was to capture market share from this single leading competitor
  • However, 5 years post-launch, the client had captured maximum available share and growth slowed
  • This necessitated a commercial strategy shift to market expansion and finding diagnosed or undiagnosed drug-naïve patients


HVH leveraged its proprietary platform and applied predictive modeling against large national claims database.

  • This enabled HVH to deliver a list of HCP names with NPI numbers and addresses who have treated 49 undiagnosed patients prospects most likely to have the disease
  • The biotech company was then able to deploy its sales team, using their own resources, to activate disease education messaging those HCPs who may have had undiagnosed patients.


  • At the end of 1 year, the biotech company was able to confirm 18 out of 49 prospects were newly diagnosed patients, and 14 of those went onto approved therapy for the disease. The average cost of the therapy was $350,000.

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