Offering Customized
and Collaborative
Analytic Approaches

HVH Precision Analytics is the only company that offers a variety of gamechanging analytic approaches that are disrupting current commercialization strategies-from patient definition enhancement and patient journey redefinition, to predictive modeling methodologies that are proven to find patients in need.

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Revealing the Unique Identifiers
of Patients’ Journeys, Beyond
What Is Known

The industry has focused their efforts on the patient journey beginning at the point of diagnosis, until now.

Our analytics process gives you the ability to deeply understand where patients have been prior to diagnosis and predict where they will be.

“What is different about the HVH offering compared to others, is that you are going down the route of finding undiagnosed patients. That I haven’t seen.”

-Asra Warsi, Executive Director Clinical Operations,
Midsize Biotech

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By Optimizing the Patient Journey, HVH can Help Maximize a Brand's Success

Learn more about how we are using the value of predictive modeling to find patients before they are diagnosed.

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Uncovering New
Opportunities to Find Patients
to Accelerate Diagnosis

We find patients for clinical trial recruitment or to expand your market share.

Whether you need to find patients for clinical trial recruitment or find drug naïve patients to expand you market share, your patient finding methodology provides visibility down to the HCP NPI and address level.

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Providing Truly Actionable Insights of Undiagnosed Patients

We Offer a RealWorld Evidencebased Approach That Surpasses What Is Currently Available

Epidemiology studies, published literature, and qualitative market research give solid direction to market opportunity analysis, when they are complete and available. Supporting those sources with up-to-date and target audience specific Real-World Evidence paints a robust and comprehensive picture of the full disease state.

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Accelerating Diagnosis via a Proven and Proprietary 3Step Process

At HVH, our patent-pending predictive modeling process was built to aid in accelerating diagnosis. HVH Precision Analytics is the only healthcare analytics company with a validated methodology, having been reviewed in the December 2016 issue of American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits.

Predictive Analytics: A Case Study in MachineLearning and Claims Databases

Kvancz DA, Sredzinski MN, Tadlock CG.
American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits

The study demonstrated the ability of this stateoftheart predictive analysis to find patients in a large and complex database shortening the time to diagnosis and relieving patients of the frustration of going from doctor to doctor without a confirmed diagnosis.

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Sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling can provide you with unique data and insights

Contact us to learn more and for a demo of how we can put our proven, patent-pending process to work to help your therapies reach the patients who need them and help end the cycle of suffering.

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