Together, we can create a world where people with diseases don’t have to find therapies…

Therapies will find them.

Using Data to Save Lives

We can make a difference in patients’ lives, but first we must find them.

By connecting patients to the care they need, we empower companies like yours to find people who are suffering from disease… before they are even diagnosed.

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At HVH, we empower healthcare companies by finding patients suffering from disease, before they are diagnosed.

HVH is shortening the time to diagnosis through the use of a proven and validated methodology to find diagnosed patients, prospective therapy candidates, undiagnosed patients and ideal candidates for clinical trials so that innovative therapies find the patients who desperately need them.


Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of problem solvers and industry experts in medical diagnostics, healthcare information and advanced analytics bringing a unique and differentiated approach to connecting patients and therapies.

Sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling can provide you with unique data and insights

Contact us to learn more and for a demo of how we can put our proven, patent-pending process to work to help your therapies reach the patients who need them and help end the cycle of suffering.

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